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Managed Cybersecurity 


Defend Your Business Against Cyberthreats. Our Gaichu Cybersecurity Solutions, powered by Overwatch, thwart cyberthreats and reduce business risk with effective threat protection for modern workforces.

How does managed security work?

Managed Cybersecurity is an information technology security service offered by a reputable supplier such as Gaichu. This service aims to provide comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring, protection, and response services

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Fully vs. Co-Managed Cybersecurity

Gaichu Managed Security Services powered by Overwatch are delivered via the Overwatch platform, which gives clients the ability to enhance visibility and control in a secure manner. 

Fully Managed

Fully managed cybersecurity services assign Gaichu all (or nearly all) responsibility for cybersecurity management, including incident response and remediation.


“Co-managed” or shared managed cybersecurity services allow clients to share management visibility and control at the tenant level. For instance, Gaichu may provide monitoring and alerts to their client's IT team via the Overwatch platform.

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Advantages of Managed Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is a 24-hour-a-day job that demands competence to keep up with ever-changing cyberthreats. Businesses simply need to read the headlines to realise that a firewall or antivirus software will no longer keep them secure.
Businesses  are turning to
Managed Security Services for advice, guidance, and support.

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Outsource IT Security Expertise

Many companies depend on Gaichu Managed Security Services powered by Overwatch

because they lack the technical skills and modern technology platforms required to safeguard their organisations from cyberthreats. The Overwatch platform provides both at a low monthly fee.

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Backstop In-house Expertise

Internal security experts typically lack the resources and tools to manage the enormous and ever-changing breadth of cyberthreats 24/7. Gaichu Managed Security Services powered by Overwatch offer cutting-edge solutions and after-hours security monitoring.


Cut Staff Turnover and Costs

Even enterprises with the resources to handle cyberthreats internally are turning to Gaichu Managed Security Services powered by Overwatch to stabilise their teams during the "Great Resignation" and reduce tech talent and technology costs with our subscription-based security at scale services.

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Find Out How Gaichu Managed Security Services
Powered by Overwatch Can Benefit You

Managed Cybersecurity Services Powered by Overwatch from Gaichu 

Gaichu Managed Security Services powered by Overwatch deliver cutting-edge managed security services. 

We provide our customers with our industry - leading security platform and specialised resources to deliver best-in-class managed security services.

Full-Service Cybersecurity Solution Overwatch powered



  • User Behavioral Analysis

  • Active Directory Integration

  • Office/G-Suite Security

Internal Network

  • NetFlow, Syslog & Identity Collection

  • Encrypted Log Storage

  • Asset Discovery Vulnerability Assessments

  • Breach Detection w/Auto- Remediation

  • Hardware or Virtual Collector


  • Security Policy Templates

  • Incident Response Planning

  • Compliance Reports

  • 3rd Party Compliance Docs

  • Auditor Assistance

External Network

  • Third-party Access Tracking

  • Web-content Filtering

  • External Vulnerability Scans

  • Intrusion Detection Services Platform

  • Artificial Intelligence Enabled


  • Automated Orchestration and Remediation

  • 30+ Threat Intelligence Feeds

  • Multi-Tenant w/ Role-based Access

  • DNS Security


AI-powered Managed Extended Detection &
Response (MXDR):

Uses big data analytics, artificial intelligence to effectively go through and identify real alerts that matter.

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC/SOAR):

Our 24/7 team of expert security analysts monitor alerts and deal with threats, with an overlay of instrumentation and automation (SOAR) to catch high-fidelity alerts and act quicker in a scalable and tailored manner. LEARN MORE


Managed Cybersecurity Services Ecosystem Powered by Overwatch

We offer a variety of subscription services for threat prevention, detection, and response in addition to our flagship MXDR and SOAR platform to satisfy the security and compliance needs of all sizes of organisations.

Detection & Response Solutions

Gaichu Managed Security Services Powered by Overwatch 

Detection & Response Solutions


Managed Extended Detection

& Response (MXDR)

Managed "Everything" Detection and Response is a single strategy to detection and response that gathers and integrates all security technologies to effectively and efficiently guard the full corporate threat surface. LEARN MORE


Network Detection & Response (NDR)

Utilise our cybersecurity war room, which is a CISO-led 24/7 SOC staffed by security analysts that use enterprise-class threat detection and hunting techniques. LEARN MORE 


Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Our technology monitors endpoints, identifies unusual behaviour, stops malicious activity, advises repair, and, most significantly, is maintained by security specialists. LEARN MORE

Gaichu Managed Security Services Powered by Overwatch

Threat Prevention Solutions



Your cloud-enabled business's security problem is solved via edge enforcement.


SaaS Application Access Control

Our technology secures critical SaaS applications and allows unrestricted remote team communication.



Managed Secure Edge

Our hybrid work environment solution secures and redundancies your network.


Vulnerability Management

Uses human power, data mining, and machine learning to continually find, prioritise, and close defence gaps 24/7/365. 


Patch Management

Our specialists can install software, patch vulnerabilities, and rectify misconfigured systems with our cloud-native solution.



OT/IoT Security

With one click, we can shut down your network, isolating the danger so it can't travel across devices or places.



Security Awareness Training

Your weakest link is your team. Our interactive video instruction promotes cyber hygiene. 


Email Security

Block threats. Advanced technologies and expert analysts in our email security solution prevent data loss.


Full Time Resource Allocation

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