Who We Are


Our mission is to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking managed services company around the world.


S O L U T I O N S   F O R   S U C C E S S 

We specialize in developing a customized and unique outsourcing engineering experience for every customer. 
We have 40+ years of combined experience providing Managed IT Services with over 1200+ engineers and consultants across the globe.  We are committed to helping our partners achieve greater growth by becoming an extension of your team.  

We simplify service delivery and ensure a quality service experience for your customers. We have some of the best people working at Gaichu. Their commitment and ethics are unparalleled and we believe in having a warm, friendly work culture to stimulate growth and motivate success for both our employees and customers alike. 

White Room


We are always transparent about what we can and cannot do. We take our customers reputation as our own and always strive to protect it. 


We believe in working with care and always putting maximum effort into completing the work to the customer’s satisfaction. 


We believe in working towards solutions. If there is a problem that the customer might face, we are always there to provide support and advice. 


Gaichu stands for trust and commitment to success. Our modus operandi is to work as an extension of your company and provide solutions in line with your goals and objectives to pave the path of success, together as a team.  


C O M P A N Y   V A L U E S