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O U R   L E A D E R S H I P   T E A M

GAICHU is a company that specializes in providing customer oriented managed IT services and solutions globally. Established in 2020, we strive to deliver customer friendly services, enabling our customers ongoing success. We provide versatile services with competitive pricing and quick response times, giving us an edge over competitors.

C O M P A N Y    B O A R D

Al Hay CEO.png

Al Hay


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Fahad Sajjad, Gaichu CFO

Fahad Sajjad


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H  U  M  A  N    R  E  S  O  U  R  C  E  S

Rani Noreen HR Manager.png

Rani Noreen

HR Manager

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S A L E S   A N D   M A R KE T I N G 

James Baulch, Gaichu Head of sales EMEA

James Baulch

Head of Sales

Ramon Planas Head of BD and Marketing.1.png

Ramon Planas

Head of BD

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Amber Williams, Gaichu Head of Sales North America

Amber Williams

Head of Sales

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   S E R V I C E   D E L I V E R Y  T E A M 

Shadab Sharif Service Delivery Team Lead.png

Shadab Sharif

Team Lead 
Service Delivery

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Joe Hayat, Gaichu Technical Project Manager

Joe Hayat

Head of Service Delivery

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Shahzain Sajjad Dispatch Lead.png

Shahzain Sajjad

Service Delivery

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E N G I N E E R I N G    T E AM   

Shan Moody, Gaichu Head of Tecnical Dispatch

Shan Moody

Head of Engineering


Kiran Arshad

Team Lead
Technical Dispatch

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