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Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our Gaichu Security Operations Centre (SOC), which is staffed by security experts who work to find, track, and solve security issues, is the best way to fight these dangers and keep your organisation safe 24/7.

What is the definition of a Security Operations Centre (SOC)

A facility intended to monitor and address security risks is known as a security operations centre (SOC). A SOC may be a single entity or a component of a bigger corporation or organisation. Security experts that seek to discover, monitor, and address security events generally staff SOCs.

SOCs often monitor for security risks using a mix of technology and human knowledge. Using security information and event management (SIEM) technologies, intrusion detection systems (IDS), threat intelligence, and other monitoring techniques may be included in this. Additionally, SOC staff members may proactively look for security risks using a variety of techniques, including social media monitoring, dark web intelligence, and open-source information.


Managed SOC Services

Essential security and compliance requirements should be met via managed SOC services. Cyberthreats and compliance requirements are addressed by next-generation SOC solutions at the user, network, compliance, and Internet levels. The following should be included in an improved solution set, such to the one offered by Gaichu:

  • Users

    • Behavior analysis

    • Active directory monitoring

    • Integration with Office 365 and G-suite

  • Network

    • Encrypted logs and storage

    • Numerous intelligence feeds

    • Real-time automated remediation

    • Asset discovery

  • Compliance

    • Policy templates

    • Incident response

    • Reports

    • Documents

    • Auditor access

  • Internet

    • Content filtering

    • DNS reports

Why Choose Gaichu for Managed SOC

Organisations are now more vulnerable than ever to cyberthreats. A full-scale SOC launch, however, may be expensive and difficult. In response, managed SOC, also known as SOC as a Service (SOCaaS), has become popular among many organisations. This paid service gives you access to outside cybersecurity professionals who can keep an eye on your network, devices, cloud environments, and logs for current and emerging threats.

Organisations may lower their cyber risk and decrease downtime in the case of an incident by outsourcing this crucial task. A managed SOC may also assist organisations in developing cyber resilience by giving them access to world-class resources and procedures. Managed SOC services may provide piece of mind and guarantee that your organisation is ready to react swiftly and effectively as cyberthreats continue to grow.

Secure Operations Center Benefits 

Important SOC advantages include:

  • 24-hour surveillance and cybersecurity protection: As previously stated, cyberthreats do not slumber. Neither should your security measures.

  • Cyberthreat prevention: State-of-the-art SOCs can track down threats and prevent many of them from ever occurring.

  • Cybersecurity incident response and recovery:  Cyber resilience is predicated on the assumption that, regardless of how robust your cybersecurity is, some threats will penetrate. In this light, quick and effective remediation is crucial to maintaining the continuity of your operations, even during an incident.

  • Availability of Cybersecurity Expertise:  Cybersecurity is perhaps the area in which the IT skills gap is felt the most acutely. SOC services provide access to this exceptional talent.

  • Reduce Costs of Cybersecurity Management and Breaches: SOC services reduce the cost of data intrusions by preventing and containing them. Additionally, they reduce operating and management expenses, especially for. In addition, they enable you to avoid or reduce the costs associated with reputational harm caused by cyber incidents.

  • One-Piece of Glass: Too many pieces of information from multiple solutions may result in "analysis paralysis" and confusion. If desired, SOC services will consolidate multiple sources into a single report containing actionable alerts, or respond on your behalf.

  • Compliance: SOC services can assist in meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

Advantages of a Managed Secure Operations Centre

Managed SOC services equip organisations with the cyber resiliency necessary to minimise disruption and safeguard vital data in the event of a cyberattack. Included among the benefits are:

  • All of the advantages of operating a SOC, including:

    • enhanced cyberthreat detection and response periods

    • lowered the number of false positives and false negatives

    • a greater understanding of the cyber threat landscape

    • enhanced effectiveness and efficacy of security personnel

    • augmented cyber security measures

  • Immediate accessibility to SOC-level services

  • SOC-level security that scales with your business

  • On-demand access to world-class talent

SOC Procedure and Framework
Common SOC framework/process elements consist of:

  • Monitoring: is the most fundamental function of a SOC, designed to determine if a threat has occurred. Nevertheless, visibility and accessibility are essential to its success; SOCs can only monitor what they can see. A SOC requires a comprehensive view of the company's threat landscape in order to be effective. Automated tools, such as those employing AI or machine learning, can assist human analysts and provide a bird's-eye view.

  • Analysis: With continuous monitoring, a SOC can be alerted almost immediately to any suspicious activity. If the tools identify a potential threat and trigger an alert, the SOC team will scrutinise the data to determine the validity of the threat. If the alarm is false, it is discarded. Actual threats are prioritised based on their perceived level of aggression and the potential targets they may have. A benefit of using AI-powered tools is their ability to learn from past incidents to determine the validity of future threats of a similar nature, thereby improving the monitoring process and workflow.

  • Response to Incidents and Remediation: Cyber incidents will happen. Recognising the hazard and taking prompt, appropriate action, at all hours of the day, is the SOC's strength. A compromised device, for instance, necessitates a different response than a systemwide ransomware attack. SOC analysis assists organisations in identifying vulnerabilities, adjusting monitoring, and deploying the appropriate tools. The purpose of incident response is to mitigate and repair potential damage. This remediation may be performed automatically through customized runbooks and in real time.

  • Auditing and Logging: The SOC accumulates, maintains, and monitors the network and communications activity logs for the entire organisation. Again, the SOC must have complete visibility to see the entire picture, but having access to this information accomplishes multiple goals. It aids the SOC team in determining and defining which activities are indicative of the organisation and which deviate from the baseline. In addition, it can be used to confirm compliance and document the response as part of a post-event evaluation.

  • Threat Hunting: Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated as their perpetrators become more professional and methodically sophisticated. Even when systems are operating routinely, there is still work for the SOC to do, as proactive surveillance can detect potential attacks in their early phases or even before they occur. Threat hunting is a process that works in tandem with proactive surveillance and is exactly what it sounds like: it seeks out malicious actors before they are able to effectively attack an organisation. It's a multifaceted strategy that analyses threat intelligence from the external environment (other SOC clients, events in the news, etc.) to identify attack patterns and potential vulnerabilities. Threat hunting is a combination of sleuthing, profiling, and vigilance that helps organisations remain one step ahead.

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