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O P T I M I Z I N G  I T  I N F R A S T R U C T U R E   F O R   E N H A N C E D   E F F I C I E N C Y   A N D   S E C U R I T Y



This case study outlines the benefits of partnering with Gaichu Managed Services for companies looking to streamline their technology operations. The case study outlines the challenges faced by a mid-sized company wanting to maintain its legacy IT infrastructure, and how partnering with Gaichu helped them achieve a successful outcome with significant improvements in uptime, security, and operational efficiency. By leveraging Gaichu’s expertise and resources, the company was able to reduce its IT expenses while enjoying improved flexibility, reliability, and scalability.


Our customer is a well-established technology partner with a global team of technical experts who has been in business for over three decades. Their comprehensive range of services include structured cabling, networking, connected devices, workplace insights, and managed services. They offer end-to-end connectivity solutions, from design to optimization that help organizations achieve success both now and in the future. They have a proven track record of deploying fiber solutions in some of the world's largest data centers and serve as Master Systems Integrators to integrate all intelligent systems in connected spaces, driving efficiencies and delivering enhanced user experiences. The customer emphasizes the importance of connectivity when it comes to choosing the right partner for critical IT infrastructure.



The end client is a large financial services company, providing investment banking, wealth management, asset management services and solutions to private, institutional, and corporate clients worldwide. The company is headquartered in Europe and has a global presence in all major financial centers. The company has a purpose of "re-imagining the power of investing and connecting people for a better world."


Gaichu leverages its expertise to deliver a range of services to the client, including 24/7 helpdesk support to manage and coordinate the delivery of the services and provide operational support. IMACD tasks are a key part of the solution, which include installing and relocating hardware, adding, or changing components, and decommissioning hardware, when needed.

Gaichu is responsible for data center operations, such as shipping and receiving, IT storage management, media handling, data wiping, hardware audits, red light audits, and asset recovery. Gaichu resources are provided through visitor escort services, adhered to the authorization process for entry into the end client data centers. The services provided come with Gaichu’s Smart Hands support with specific skills for a specific period of hours per day or week.





Gaichu encountered several obstacles while embarking on this project, which, initially presented significant hurdles to a successful implementation. These challenges spanned various aspects of the project, ranging from resource allocation to technical expertise and logistical management. Some of these included:

  1. The complexity and timescales of onboarding technicians and conducting necessary background and security checks posed significant logistical and administrative challenges, potentially delaying project
    timelines and additional costs.

  2. The engineers needed to be highly flexible to adapt to the ever-changing requirements and needs of the end customer, including substantial out of hours requests across multiple sites.

  3. As the number of engineers needed per site increased, the logistical complexity and management requirements grew, requiring intense resource allocation and project management strategies to ensure successful delivery of the services.


Despite these challenges, Gaichu remained committed to its goal of delivering top-quality services to the client, and its team of experienced professionals worked tirelessly to overcome each hurdle as it surfaced. By leveraging its expertise and applying innovative solutions, Gaichu was able to mitigate the impact and risk of these challenges and achieve its objectives in a timely and efficient manner.



Gaichu continually meets the client's expectations by providing reliable and efficient services, ensuring a successful outcome. The constant challenges are tackled as per the following:

  • Gaichu provides ring-fenced techs who offer end-to-end hardware solution services.

  • The engineers perform IMACD tasks which involve installing, moving, adding, changing, and

    decommissioning computer hardware.

  • Full-time onsite engineers are assigned to complete various data center operations.

  • Gaichu provides onsite Smart Hands support.

  • Gaichu’s Helpdesk team manages and coordinates all activities, ensuring 24/7 availability to meet the end customer’s requirements. 

  • Gaichu oversees escorting visitors in secure environments to ensure their safety and security.

  • All Gaichu engineers complete a rigorous onboarding process that includes background checks, credibility assessments, experience and qualification verifications, and criminal record verifications.

  • The Gaichu services provided include shipping/receiving, rack/stack, storage, mediahandling/wiping, audits, and recovery.


Our primary objective is to establish ourselves as a reliable and responsible partner for our clients, and we strive to achieve this by adapting to their ever-evolving business needs. Our approach involves developing flexible business solutions delivered through exceptional service, regardless of the challenges encountered. The needs and objectives of our clients are our top priority. Gaichu’s end-to-end support includes planning, installation, implementation, and relocation services for managed solutions. Gaichu’s comprehensive range of IT-managed services is available globally, with 24x7 onsite resources available in over 160 countries.

Our 24x7 Helpdesk team manages and coordinates all activities, including outside normal business hours requests. Gaichu’s engineers have completed a thorough onboarding process, which includes extensive b
ackground checks, verification of their experience and qualifications, as well as criminal history checks.



Gaichu has played an intrinsic part in the delivery of our global data centre services with our banking
client. Their management are positively and actively involved demonstrating the ability to rapidly support our 
resourcing demands in a large portion of our designated territories, as a result we have benefited from their professional service structure, timely responses and competent service execution.
- Alistair Bruce – APAC S
ervice Delivery Manager”


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