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A colocation data center project. The end Customer, a global leading communications provider, project required a delivery of four racks with pre-installed and pre-cabled hardware to be placed at a prominent data center site in Hong Kong.

Due to the ceiling and doorways at the data center being of limited sizes, the racks with the hardware could not get through the hallways into the data center room. This required the hardware and cabling to be un-installed, one rack at a time, and safely moved to the data center room. Then re-installed, one rack at a time, in the data room. The entire rack required some tilting and manoeuvring to get into the data center room, which was not possible with the hardware installed on it. The project was completed one rack at a time.


A United States based Information Technology & Services organization helping companies leverage technology solutions to drive key business outcomes.

They focus on delivering technology infrastructure solutions from the data center to the edge of the network. They provide planning, design, implementation, integration, project management, and staffing for next generation data centers and multi-cloud environments, cabling and wireless solutions for multi-site rollouts and the Internet of Things, as well as for ISVs, OEMs and service providers.



The project required the technicians to disconnect and remove all the hardware and cables from the racks, safely keeping the hardware and cables on a cart. Then the racks needed to be relocated from the loading bay into the final data center cage, where they were finally positioned and secured. Afterward, the hardware and the cables were moved into the data center room and re-installed back onto the racks.


Technicians needed to use specific tools and materials for un-patching and re-patching cables, including universal screwdrivers and other tools necessary for un-racking the hardware. In addition, the technicians needed modern laptops and devices that were video collaboration capable.


All the hardware and cabling materials needed to be organized thoroughly to avoid any confusion between racks and equipment. In moving the racks into the data center room, it turned out that tilting and manoeuvring was not enough to get the first rack through as anticipated, so the racks had to be un-assembled, put in the data center room, then re-assembled before re-installation of the hardware and cables.

The technicians were connected via video call with the remote team for the duration of the move. The connection had to remain active and secure from the start of the process until the end.





The Gaichu Service Delivery Team dispatched four Level 1 technicians to the site. The technicians joined the video meeting with the remote engineers as instructed and the process began by unboxing the four racks, followed by un-racking the equipment and cabling completion, with the upmost care and professionalism.

Clear-cut and strong communication with the remote team was essential to ensure the right decisions and outcome, along with Gaichu’s engineers’ diligence and resilience. The solution was fully verified between Gaichu’s technicians and the remote engineers to make sure everything was properly patched into the correct ports and completed successfully.



The four racks were successfully placed within the data center cage within eight hours.

Gaichu’s technicians documented the front and the back of the racks to show final state of the completed rack and stack operation and confirmed that the work was finalized.

The technicians provided proof of delivery with pictures and copy of signed sign-off sheet, prior to checking out from the site. The end-to-end process was delivered effectively, providing customer satisfaction to both the Client and the end Customer.

Team Working in the System Room


  • We strive to be a long-term trusted advisor and partner by adapting to our customers everchanging business needs.

  • We focus on developing custom and agile business solutions by providing excellent service, whatever the challenge may be. Our customers’ needs and goals are our priority.

  • We offer end-to-end solution support by handling the entire managed service process, such as planning, installation and implementation,  including relocation services and office moving services.

  • We provide a wide range of managed IT services worldwide with 24x7 onsite resource availability in 160+ countries.

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