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The end customer was looking to implement a hardware and software refresh, upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for a safer, more efficient operating system.

The entire project involved more than 10,000 updates across London, Melbourne, Islamabad, Philippines, Singapore, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, and Mumbai. The development consisted, primarily, of Windows 10 installations and other software, delivery of new machines to end users, testing, and collection of the old devices for data erasure and destruction.


The client is an award-winning global leader in IT lifecycle management services, headquartered in the US, and is one of the largest independent resellers of top-tier technology products in the world.

They provide strategic solutions comprised of multi-vendor support services, professional services, and asset recovery services. The client has offices globally in Toronto, London, Prague, Dubai, and Sydney.

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At the Office


  • The Windows 7 to Windows 10 move is highly challenging due to the magnitude of the task and its complexity. To ensure a smooth and safe process, the project demanded Level 1 and Level 2 IT specialists with experience in asset tracking, management and logistics, and extensive knowledge of the inner workings of Windows initiatives.

  • Handling financial data required background check certificates, educational documents, and identification cards of all team members. 

  • Local bandwidth represented a challenge in some sites as it took a full day to complete the buil-dup. In addition, some sites were added to the project at short notice.

  • Other challenges included dealings with the OS source file, Blancco software license and the destination servers to download all applications after OS installation.

  • COVID-19 represented a barrier. Complying with regulations and safety measures in each country was of extreme importance, with biweekly Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing taking place.


A dedicated project manager and a technical team were assigned to implement the end-to-end solution, supporting the end customer 24/7.

The project manager orchestrated the entire plan with the technical team, which was made up of asset manager technicians, admin technicians and senior level Windows engineers from 8 all locations, all with certified skill sets.


A secure and well-established communication plan between the customer and our technical team contributed to successful data verification, alignment of technicians to sites, effective logistics and accurate daily reporting.

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Meeting the end customer’s requirements were of paramount importance for the client. The team was challenged with the COVID-19 pandemic but were able to handle the data safely and confidently.


Other critical activities involved accurate inventory counts, building the OS, the data erasure, and handling over all physical machines securely.


Having the right partner in place and managing what mattered most helped reduce the probability and impact of risk. 


Gaichu was able to overcome all challenges and complete the project at all sites successfully by developing and executing a customized solution in five months.


The COVID-19 measures taken contributed in keeping all teams safe.


As a result, the client achieved high customer satisfaction and helped us to achieve yet another loyal and satisfied partner. 

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How Gaichu Helps

  • We strive to be a long-term trusted advisor and partner by adapting to our customers everchanging business needs. Communication and transparency are two of our core Values, helping our clients succeed by delivering quality, competitive services.

  • We focus on developing custom and agile business solutions providing excellent service, whatever the challenge may be. Our customers needs and goals are our first priority. We implement projects of all sizes with a high degree of technical knowledge from our expert consultants.

  • End-to-End Solutions Support. We handle the entire managed service process, such as planning, installation, implementation. and maintenance by delivering a complete solution. We help optimize the performance and efficiency of the business solution, focusing on developing a unique experience for every customer.

  • Global Coverage. We provide a wide range of managed IT services to our customers worldwide with 24x7 onsite resource availability through our network of 1200+ engineers and consultants in 160+ countries.